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Relating To Starlight Glimmer
Relating To Starlight Glimmer: From Marksist to Sympathetic Redeemable
The Cutie Remark has Quickly become My Favorite Season Finale and 2-Parter. It had Everything: Great Pacing, Beautiful Animation, Tense Story telling, And Plenty of Dark Styles with The Time Travel Story. But One Specific Thing Impressed Me Most in this 2-Parter: Starlight Glimmer, who we’ve built up back in The Opener of This Season, The Cutie Map. Her Character is That she believes Cutie Marks to Make It Harder to Relate, and Thus, Make it Harder To Make Friends. Now, when I first saw The Extreme She went through, I Absolutely Hated This Character, but I Loved how Good of a Villain She was. I loved Her Character for How Despicable She acted. Since she’s Supposed to Be a Villain First, correct? But… This Two Parter brought up an Interesting Point on her Backstory:
She Felt this way, because A Friend of hers got a Cutie Mark before she did, and was sent off to become a Student at Celestia's.
Now Mo
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The Worst Day: The School Is Taken Over!
(Let us take a journey. It will take us away from our world, and into this great land known as Sansai. It is a majestic land, filled with fantastic creatures that will wow your wildest dreams. But like our world, it is ran by humans. High in the mountainous area known as Yama no Tengoku, there is a large building, shaped like a mighty Japanese palace. But inside was very different. It was not a palace, but a school, which is to teach the many ways of working in this world. You are either a worker for land, you have a high status family and own land to use, or you work in the army, and that is who we are focusing on today. A student and her soon to be graduate friend, who are currently sparring. The student was a girl who was in the Tenth Grade, wearing sky blue armor, and using a wooden sword. Her hair was actually quite surprising, for it wasn’t just one color, but it was stylized like a rainbow, with all seven colors in her shoulder length hair in a ponytail. She had bright pin
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Shining and Flash as Power Rangers by mimimikasa by RioDecade96 Shining and Flash as Power Rangers by mimimikasa :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 12 0 Alec Larkspur Team by RioDecade96 Alec Larkspur Team :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 1 0 Ariel Mist Pokemon Team by RioDecade96 Ariel Mist Pokemon Team :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 7 1 Abel Hayden Pokemon Team by RioDecade96 Abel Hayden Pokemon Team :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 2 0 Gyorg of The Jungle by RioDecade96 Gyorg of The Jungle :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 3 0 Equestria Girls Rangers: Twilight and Sunset by RioDecade96 Equestria Girls Rangers: Twilight and Sunset :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 8 1
A Report on Discord and Chrysalis' Plans
Villainous Plans in Equestria that ended in failure, but for different reasons:
Discord in Return of Harmony: Decided to set up a Maze Game to make The Mane 6 go to the extreme end of their Elements of Harmony, and start acting as those exaggerations of their elements opposite, and sends the characters on A Wild Goose Chase to find their Elements of Harmony, only to get themselves "Discorded." Then he sends them to Ponyville at Twilight's library to get The Elements, only to find they don't work because they aren't in Harmony, and all of them don't represent their Elements at the Moment... Yet Discord doesn't take said Elements away, and just goes to sit on his Throne because he's "boss" instead? And yet he never thought that they might bounce back at some point, mostly because he left a few loose ends: Twilight still has The Elements, The other Mane 6 are still around in homes close or nearby, Celestia still lives, and They have of all things, Time. Discord gets turned back to Stone i
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Sonic the Hedgehog Cosplay (Thumbs Up) by RioDecade96 Sonic the Hedgehog Cosplay (Thumbs Up) :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 2 0 Ultraman Forza (Fanmade Ultra Senshi) by RioDecade96 Ultraman Forza (Fanmade Ultra Senshi) :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 4 0 Overrated Does not Equal Hate Stamp by RioDecade96 Overrated Does not Equal Hate Stamp :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 36 1 Kyoryu Ponies/Dino Charge Ponies by RioDecade96 Kyoryu Ponies/Dino Charge Ponies :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 12 6 SPD Equestria Extras and Omega/Break by RioDecade96 SPD Equestria Extras and Omega/Break :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 5 0 King Sombra as Evil Green Ranger by RioDecade96 King Sombra as Evil Green Ranger :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 3 0 Flash Sentry as OhRed/Zeo Ranger 5 by RioDecade96 Flash Sentry as OhRed/Zeo Ranger 5 :iconriodecade96:RioDecade96 4 0

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Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale:

I saw this in The Theaters, and I was definitely glad I did. This Movie takes place after Mother’s Rosario and focuses on an Augmented Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game named Ordinal Scale that is sweeping the nation, and Kirito and Company get involved with it, with some interesting plots added in with a rather intriguing set of people heading this game.
I myself watched SAO at the end of Last Year, and I enjoyed the Series overall, even with some of its issues. SAO II Improved on many places with GunGale Online and Mother’s Rosario being definite improvements. And honestly for me, this Movie continued some of those Improvements.

+ The Music and Animation are as stunning as always, alongside the good Music Themed around One of the Characters being Idol based, and the music really helped it out. The Animation was definitely really good with some good style to it that really proves how fluid the action is.
+ Kirito definitely seemed at his best here honestly. He’s not an overpowered or over glorified character for most of the Movie, and you see him at his most normal, which makes him a lot more interesting to see as the movie goes on. For all the complaints Kirito can get for getting things too easily or that he’s very basic, this Movie made it easier for me to see him at his most human and much less Gary Stu like (if you see him as such). While there are moments where he’s relied upon heavily (go to Middle Poitns for that) he’s definitely capable of earning all the cool moments he gets in this movie.
+ The Antagonists of this Movie are some of the most interesting in the series, if only for how they’re not full out bad guys for evil’s sake or for confusing reasons. They’re people with good reasoning behind what they do, but you still want them to be stopped. I like those kind of villains, and SAO can really benefit from these kinds of villains.
+ If you’re a fan of The Aincrad arc, this’ll definitely work out well to see the characters’ times in that bring up some consequences, and definitely adds up to some really tense moments with Kirito and Asuna, especially for the Subplot they get into.

X This isn’t exactly something that’s too much of a big deal, but some characters are admittedly underutilized in some areas, namely Agil and Suguha. While they did good in the scenes they did, with Agil having some of the Funniest Lines in the Movie, they and Suguha did have good moments, they really could have done more.

Middle Points:
0 The Final Battle was Awesome and really was a big highlight, but Reward Weapon was… Jesus Christ it was pretty much an overpowered as fuck weapon that made some parts far too easy after A Big Boss was defeated. But it kind of makes sense logically considering it is a Big Weapon that is useful as fuck and it would make sense Gameplay wise. Story wise though, you may or may not have issues with it.
0 Kirito’s Progress. Either you’ll find it natural for him to go from needing to train better and keep in shape for Augmented Reality then Virtual Reality, thus making him earn his badassery, or you’ll still find Kirito… Kirito. Is this kid ever going to be a Big Positive for everybody? Probably not…
0 The Pacing will either be well paced for how it gets you invested and into the story while keeping you focused on Personal Character Driven Stories and balancing out the Action and Story, or you’ll find it wonky in places and find some of the action not long enough, or really oddly paced in the middle. I personally did not mind, but not everybody will feel the same.

Overall, I enjoyed Ordinal Scale a lot, and personally was happy to see it in Theaters. It was worth seeing in the Theaters, a fun time overall, and really made me appreciate watching all of SAO a few Months ago. If you’re still skeptical on SAO, though SAO II may have swayed you a little into positive, definitely give this a checkout. If you’re not into SAO, it’s an easy skip and something you don’t have to obligate yourself to see. On my end, I love it, and will continue loving it.

Grade: A-

They Missed their chance to have The Swordland Latin Chorus in the Movie, so we missed out on a Theatrical “COFEE SODA TOFFEE PASTA.”
……….Also, I really cannot wait for The English Dub of this Movie.


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