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The pictures of many things I like. Hopefully you'll enjoy the favorites. Or thank me for favoriting your stuff.

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A Canterlot Wedding:
I Love This 2-Parter So Damn Much. When I first heard about this Two Parter, I heard about it thanks to a certain obsession I was into before hearing about it. And let's just say it involves Getting to Take Your Wedding back while some other woman is singing into a mirror about how she's winning it while fooling people.
And i heard about it and was curious to what it was doing. There were comparisons all over the Place on Deviantart, and it was showing many interesting ideas. So I decided to finally watch it back in August of 2012. And I was Blown Away by this 2-Parter when I first saw it. And it's been consistently the Best 2-Parter of The Whole Series to me. Now some might argue Return of Harmony (meh, I'll explain another day) and Twilight's Kingdom (which was very close to beating this 2-Parter... But this one still won out), but this one is still my favorite.
The Plot is something I felt was very well done and is something I was rather impressed by. It had secrets and mystery, it had tense moments, and it had plenty of good character development. I Love Twilight in these Episodes, proving to be a Well Developed and good character, and I think this is where she started elevating herself to more interesting stories and character development, along with her new family members becoming prominent figures. Shining Armor is Hands Down My Favorite Male Pony in the show. He's Everything I love with Big Brother characters, His Design is Majestic and Well Done, and He just feels like someone who is so cool and interesting you want to see more... Which only got accomplished with the Crystal Empire and The Comic's Best Storyline, Neigh Anything. But not only him, but we also got Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, AKA Princess Cadence, who is My Favorite Princess in the Show. She's not an Extreme of Sun or Moon, or anything like that. She represents a Thing we all need: Love. And with that, Cadence is still to me a character I love to see, and will always wish so much more to be done with her and Shining Armor. And to top it all off, we have easily my Favorite Villain in the whole show: Queen Chrysalis of The Changelings. A Great Design, She has an Army, The Changelings being an Awesome Concept in General, and Her Song "This Day Aria," Is One Of The Best Damn Songs in The Whole Series. Her and Cadence work hand in hand with this episode and it is glorious. Not only that, but it makes the story and setup even better when we see that this is rather normal for weddings like these, and nothing seems too much like The Characters were acting like idiots. Both sides are in The Right of some kind, but they're also in the Wrong of some kind. Twilight is getting overly suspicious of Cadence, which she was correct about, but she did not have evidence or any real way of arguing the side of Shining Armor, which made him more applicable to listen to in this sense. But neither side is truly right, and it made Chrysalis' plan way more well thought out then would be said. She planned so much, and probably planned way more then any other villain has. And to me, She Was The Absolute Closest To Winning this day, and being victorious. As Joshscorcher of FOB Equestria said, The Writers did pull a Deus Ex Machina at the end, but not in an ass pull sort of way, and more because The Writers did Legitimately Write themselves into a corner. And when you write a villain so well to do that, then you've done something good with a villain. And with The Power of Love Being The True Ultimate Power in this Episode, I Loved it. Though it does make me think of G Gundam with the Ending, so much that it makes me want to Shout, "SEKIHA! LOVE! LOVE! TENKYOKEN!!" right as they shoot The Power of Love at Chrysalis. The 2-Parter truly is something to behold. It's so well done that I argue this as my Second or Third Favorite Overall Episode of The Series. With a Compelling Story, Great Animation, Voice Acting, Perfect Pacing, Wonderful New Ideas, and Truly a Great 2-Parter that got me more into becoming a Brony. I wouldn't be getting this far without this 2-Parter, and I owe a lot of it to this. With all of this said, This is to me a Treat of Many Things I love about this series. Congrats, and You May Kiss The Bride Shining Armor. And Happy Three Year Anniversary to this Episode 2-Parter. April 21st.…
Grade: A+


Rio Decade
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I am a Fanfictionist, and I do some strange ideas. I'm usually doing Tokusatsu/Anything else Crossover fanfictions. Hopefully everyone enjoys the stores.

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Best Final Level in Kingdom Hearts (excluding 358/2 and Re:Coded) 

7 deviants said The World that Never Was (Kingdom Hearts 2)
5 deviants said Keyblade Graveyard (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)
3 deviants said End of The World (Kingdom Hearts 1)
3 deviants said Castle Oblivion (Kingdom Hearts [Re:]Chain of Memories)


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