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The pictures of many things I like. Hopefully you'll enjoy the favorites. Or thank me for favoriting your stuff.

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Mar 29, 2015
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Mar 29, 2015
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Good Idea: Put Sonic in a Hub World to travel in and do missions around town.

Execution: The Hub World is either too small and cramped, too spacious and big, and the missions are, for the most part, pointless unless you want something specific.

Bad Idea: Make a Giant Mountain of Shit that sings Opera in a Soprano style your Boss Fight.

Execution: It's a fun Boss Fight that tests your skills of aiming Toilet Paper and dodging, has great music, a good sense of atmosphere, memorability, and just all the wondrous feelings of flushing this Shithead down the drain.

Good Idea: A Power Rangers series focused on Globetrotting  and having a more serial nature to the episodes.

Execution: The characters are unlikeable, don't focus on the culture of the places they visit too much, and the Macguffins don't add to much until later down the series, and even then it's minimal and only a select few are important.

Bad Idea: Turning a goofy Super Sentai Season into a Dark and Edgy Season of Power Rangers.

Execution: They made their own original footage more then usual, the actors are vastly amazing in many times, the story is well told, we actually have Good Character Development, and they even poke fun at some of Power Rangers' usual weird styles with the Sentai Footage inconsistencies.

Good Idea: Updating a 80s Toyline for The 90s and to bring the series back.

Execution: It hardly resembles it's original series anymore, The Toyline got worse and didn't feel like the series anymore, and It suffers from The 90s Dark Age style of Rob Liefeld and makes you wish you had the 80s and less Pouches.

Bad Idea: Make a Movie about Mostly Unknown Super Heroes with some out there concepts like a Talking Raccoon who's a good pilot and a Sentient Tree that only says, "I am Groot," just to name a few.

Execution: Make the characters likable, do a decent story that's fun, exciting, emotional, and well done, and know that these characters are a team that work with each other first and foremost.

And many more to add as I find them.


Rio Decade
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I am a Fanfictionist, and I do some strange ideas. I'm usually doing Tokusatsu/Anything else Crossover fanfictions. Hopefully everyone enjoys the stores.

Agnostic Stamp by AirieFeristo

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u been HACKED

Pomf! You've been hacked by :icondraci0n:!
Hello viewers of my besties page, I'm here to tell you how amazing my bro is. He's amazing in so many ways and I am greatful for having a friend like him. He's always been there for me in good and rough times. What makes him even more better is that he is always positive and willing to do anything to protect me and all of you guys no matter what. He's like an older brother to me that I wish I had when I was younger. Anyway, you guys should really give this guy some credit here, he takes amazing time to put things together for all of you to view and he hopes to be more in the spotlight. So please, give my friend the love and attention he deserves! Also, Anthony, don't ever change brother. Thank you for being my friend. Love ya bro. 💕✌ and to finish this off, I leave some things here for you.

Sunset Shimmer Stamp by jewl-stampsEquestria Girls Sunset Shimmer Stamp by Knightmare-MoonRarity Stamp by jewlechoEquestria Girls Rarity Stamp by Knightmare-MoonSweetie Belle Icon by jewlecho

1980s Are The Best

I'm a Boy born in 1996, grew up in the 2000s, But my favorite Decade is The 80s.
Cue The Hair Metal, Long Lasting Toy Lines, Great Movies, and That Hair!

Bon Jovi by poserfanQueen Classic Rock Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanStyx Stamp by Voltage7625Journey Stamp by MasterGalladeForeigner Stamp by MasterGalladeAlice Cooper by FreakishZombieBlue Oyster Cult Stamp by Twilight-DeviantKansas Band Stamp by Skarlet-Raven

We Love Rocky Stamp by BLUE-F0XTop Gun Stamp by Miss-HyperShadowBack to the Future Stamp by Blue-FoxGoonies stamp by purgatori"The Thing" Stamp by BenjaminPennyThey Live stamp by t3hsilentone

TV Shows:
Transformers G1 80's stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixedHe-Man and the Maasters of the Universe Fan St by JRWenzelVoltron Fan by snow-valkyrieThundercats Stamp by ShipwreckedStampsGI Joe stamp by Dragonrider1227Retro My Little Pony stamp by RetroKittycat

Best Final Level in Kingdom Hearts (excluding 358/2 and Re:Coded) 

5 deviants said Keyblade Graveyard (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)
4 deviants said The World that Never Was (Kingdom Hearts 2)
3 deviants said End of The World (Kingdom Hearts 1)
1 deviant said Castle Oblivion (Kingdom Hearts [Re:]Chain of Memories)


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